Tracy Willis is a talented photographer and retoucher from UK. For her series “Animal Antics”, Tracy captured many many different shots of her beloved dogs. She uses both Canon 5D Mark III and iPhone 6S cameras. Besides five dogs, Willis also has two rabbits and three mice.

These images take many hours to create. I firstly have to think up the idea, build the story, I normally sketch it out. Then I hunt in my archives or, if I don’t have anything suitable to use I have to find where I can shoot the various elements required. Once I have these I then photograph the subject/s in my studio at home and then I spend days putting them together using Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes the story changes as I develop the image, other times I create exactly what is in my head. These images allow me to expand my mind as a full time photographer, be creative and free my mind.

bored panda